Island of Prvic | Villas, apartments and cottages


Island of Prvic | Villas, apartments and cottages

Would you like to spend a holiday on a car free island in Dalmatia, Croatia? Have you ever heard of Prvic?

Not far from the popular summer resort Vodice, in Sibenik archipelago you will find the lovely island Prvic. With the size of a single square mile, only 450 inhabitants and no cars you can make no mistake. There are two settlements on the island: Prvic Luka and Sepurine. Sepurine is situated in the west, while Prvic Luka you find in the east of the island. The most famous Croatian polyhistor, Faus Vrancic, was buried on this island and you can visit his grave in St Mary church in Prvic Luka. There is archeological evidence found below the Virgin Birth Church that demonstrates that the island had been inhabited during the Greek and Roman period. During the dark ages and the rest of the medieval period the island had been a refuge for the Sibenik nobility where they had escaped plague that was spreading through the region. During the time the nobility had leased the lands to the peasants for agricultural purposes. There was a large wave of refugees coming to the island during the 15th century amidst the Ottoman conquests of the Balkans and the rest of Europe. The people that moved from Srima formed the settlement Prvic Sepurine. A Franciscan monetary was built in Prvic Luka in the 15th century and it has been the dynamo of the settlement during its first developments.

Life on Prvic

The locals have traditionally been involved in fishing, olives, vineyards and seamanship. By mid-twentieth century the emigration wave has taken the most of the island’s population. During the third decade twentieth century this island was the most densely populated island in Croatia. It is the only island of that size category in the land with two settlements. Apart from a couple of tractors there are no other motorized vehicles on the island. The ship is a connection with the mainland several times a day during the summer months.

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Ferie på øen Prvic