Why you should become a NOVASOL homeowner

There are lots of things which have to be taken into consideration when you decide to rent out your property – and of course choosing the right rental partner is key.

With you every step of the way

When you rent out your holiday home, you get an extra source of income. When you rent out your holiday home through NOVASOL, your property will be promoted and looked after by a team of professionals ensuring you have total piece of mind.

Let me see how my holiday property will be promoted

We consider the relationship we have with our homeowners a partnership and are committed to working together to achieve the same goal; maximising your profit and ensuring that your rental experience is as hassle-free as possible. 

Holiday home in Greece with grapes and shade
Greece, Spain, France, Italy and many more - We rent out holiday homes in 29 countries in Europe.
You can find the local contact information here. 

What you get

As a NOVASOL homeowner, you will be able to reap the benefits of an ‘all-inclusive’ rental package. As part of this package, we will take care of a variety of things, including; the marketing, presentation and service of your holiday home as well as all booking inquiries and customer service. 

Worldwide marketing: Global promotion of your holiday home through our website which has millions of visitors every month, over 10,000 travel agent and booking portal partnership, newsletters, social media, brochures and much more.

Professional presentation: Professional pictures and a detailed description of your property in a number of languages to make sure potential guests get an extensive view into what makes your home special. These services can however vary from country to country. 

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On-going analysis: We monitor and adjust prices accordingly following continued and thorough analysis of our extensive data set to make sure that the price of your holiday home remains competitive whilst retaining a healthy profit margin for you.

Rental boosting: Based on experience and knowledge collected over the last 50 years along with continuous analysis of travel trends, we have created various concepts designed to increase the number of booking that your property receives.

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Financial security: We pre-pay your rental income, handle all monetary transactions and cover costs in the case of late cancellations so that you do not lose any rent.

Hassle-free bookings: From the inquiry stage to the confirmed booking and collection of payment, we handle every step of the booking process. We will also handle any guest questions both pre and post-departure.

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Customer care: We also pride ourselves on taking care of our guests and providing excellent customer service, ensuring that they have a positive holiday experience and will return. We will also field any questions and handle any requests from guests. 

Property management services: Cleaning and inspection services are available. Please ask your local office about the services on offer for your property.

Local support: Your local NOVASOL team are always on hand to help and will make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded

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