Boost your rental income

The rental price and demand for your holiday home is of course dependent on the season as well as the size, location and interior of your property. However, there are a number of other factors that can affect the desirability of your holiday home. 

What are our concepts?

In short, concepts are different ways to boost the bookings and the rental income of your holiday home.

Everyone has their own unique expectations and hopes for their holiday, we at NOVASOL understand this. Our concepts are based on what we know our customers are looking for when booking a holiday and can therefore help you to make your home even more attractive to potential guests. 

How does it work?

Overall, there are three different types of concepts. Some concepts are focused on guest preferences when it comes to booking and arrival options – for instance the opportunity to freely choose their arrival day, whilst others are centred on different features that we know guests value, including things like high-speed internet and quality garden furniture. Customers can search for the features which are important for them.

The third concept revolves around special interest groups. We analysed search patterns and market activity and thereby determined specialised consumer segments which have potential, such as those customers who would be interested in taking their pets on holiday or those looking for a fishing holiday. We have specialised brochures for these interests and, should your property meet the criteria for one of these concepts, we will promote it in interest magazines, shops, fairs and so on.

Visitors to our website are also able to select which concepts they would be interested in and which criteria are important to them and search for holiday homes which fall into these categories. We hope to reach out to entirely new and largely untapped consumer base and provide unique accommodation options for those with specific requirements.

Secluded pool in holiday home Dubrovnik, Croatia
Adding a pool to your holiday home will increase the rental period. Different customer groups are searching for different facilities for their perfect holiday and we can help you to optimise your holiday home

How you make use of a concept for your holiday home

If you think one or more concepts fit your holiday home, simply get in touch to let us know and if we agree then we will make sure to market it as such at no additional cost. 

Below you can read more about a selection of our concepts. Concepts vary from country to country. When you meet with your adviser in your country, he or she will tell you about the range of possibilities open to you and help you decide which concepts will suit your holiday home whilst guiding you on ways in which you can improve your property to make it entirely fit for purpose in order to capitalise on these unique, niche markets. 

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Free Wi-Fi

Internet has become a vital part of life for most people all over the world. It offers the possibility to work, have fun, watch TV, play games, communicate at a low cost (or no cost at all) and much more. For many people, internet is essential when booking a holiday home.

Pets Allowed

For many of our customers, their pets are part of the family and therefore it is important for them to be able to travel with them.  Allowing pets in your holiday home will open up new possibilities for bookings.  

Quality Garden Furniture

A tranquil and comfortable outdoor space is an important part of a holiday for many customers. This is why we have developed our Quality Garden Furniture concept – to make it possible for our guests to choose a holiday home with high quality furniture outside and to better promote the homes that offer it.

Child-friendly Holiday Home

If your holiday home provides facilities that are meant for children such swings, sandbox, games console and so on, you are not only offering a possibility for them to have fun, you are also offering their parents a chance to relax – something that is highly sought after amongst our customers with children. 

Private and Secluded Pool 

A private indoor or outdoor swimming pool is always a highly sought-after feature, particularly in the summer (high season). The possibility of a refreshing dip whenever you like and enjoying the sun by the edge of the pool in privacy is considered a high value feature. 

Vital Holiday Homes

More and more consumers are looking for possibilities for health and well-being centred holidays. Holiday homes that fit into the Vital concept include wellness facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna or spa and must be close to activities such as hiking trails, bike routes, thermal springs, spas, fitness centres or ski facilities.

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