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Switzerland villas – explore the home of the Alps! 

Our NOVASOL Switzerland villas welcome you and your loved ones to explore the impressive countryside landscapes, mountainous scenery, and quaint villages that the country is famous for. 
Switzerland is one of the smaller countries in Europe, nevertheless, this country is still a popular holiday destination for many. This small is country is full of many attractions and landscapes, perfect for active holiday goers!

the famous matterhorn, near our Switzerland villas

Switzerland villas – things to do

Our Switzerland villas are ideally located near the country’s most iconic attraction, the Alps. This mountain range is the highest and most extensive in Europe, spanning from France all the way to Slovenia in the east. The region has a strong cultural identity, with strong traditions based in agriculture, woodworking, and cheesemaking. While staying in our Switzerland villas, we strongly recommend taking exploratory hikes throughout the ranges. Hiking in Switzerland is truly and unforgettable experience; its packed with many impressive trails, mountain peaks, and valleys. With signposted pathways and – in resort areas – many lifts and buses, it’s very easy to navigate.

The Swiss Alps are also home to the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s iconic peak and one of the highest mountains the Alps have to offer. Located on the Swiss-Italian border, this peak rises to an impressive 4,478 meters, and its four faces lie precisely in the direction of compass points. At the foot of its peak is the villas of Zermatt, a top of the line resort with horse-drawn carriage rides, chalets, and world-class restaurants. 

Our Switzerland villas are also close to Jungfraujoch, affectionally nicknamed the Top of Europe. The longest glacier in Europe, the Great Aletsch Glacier begins there, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Other popular walks include the Panorama Way, the Glacier Gorge, and Öpfelchüechliwäg, a high-altitude trail through fields of flowers, woodlands, and alpine pastures. 

We also highly recommend visiting Lucerne while staying in our Switzerland villas. This car free medieval old town is dotted with bridges, historic buildings, waterfront promenades and sun-soaked plazas with bubbling fountains. The town is famous for its music concerts, luring world-renowned soloists, orchestras, and conductors to its International Music Festival. 

Switzerland is also home to Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest Alpine lake. It’s the lake of the French-speaking “capital of peace” Geneva, the European seat of the United Nations. Parks, gardens, and promenades surround this crystalline lake, and the old town is a easy to visit from there, a lovely spot to walk amongst historic edifices. Geneva is located near our villas in France, and is an incredibly popular start for tourists. Additionally on Lake Geneva, the town of Montreux hosts the world-famous Montreux Jazz festival each year in July. 

Finally, a stay at our Switzerland villas is not complete without a visit to CERN, located on the outskirts of Geneva. There you can visit the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful and largest particle accelerator . There, you can also visit the fascinating Universe of Particles exhibition. With science, culture, and nature all in one country, there’s so much to experience from our Switzerland villas!