Holiday apartments in Marsa Matrouh

Rent a holiday home or a holiday apartment in Marsa Matrouh 

On Egypt's northern Mediterranean coast you will find the beautiful seaside city of Marsa Matrouh, that welcomes you with soft, white, sandy beaches and calm azure waters in the bay. When vacationing in Marsa Matrouh you will be greeted with warm hospitality by natives who love to tell stories about the region and its history. The areas around Marsa Matrouh offer your family the true, authentic Egyptian holiday experience. On a vacation around Marsa Matrouh, you shouldn’t miss exploring the temple ruins of Pharaoh Ramses 2nd as well as the big harbor – a former pioneer of trade to the Roman Empire. The city and the whole region still carries remains from the Roman Empire, which is expressed by the beautiful architecture. On your way through Marsa Matrouh you will experience major historical attractions such as Caesar's flooded city, the British Cemetery, Rommel's hiding place and the aftermath of Katagos big navy construction. Last but not least, your holiday in Marsa Matrouh guarantees wonderful conditions for a first-class beach holiday along one of the many beautiful sandy beaches, such as the Ageebah Beach. A NOVASOL holiday home or holiday apartment in Marsa Matrouh provides the best setting for your next dream-vacation in Egypt. Book online today!

Activities and attractions around your holiday home in Marsa Matrouh 

A rented holiday home in Marsa Matrouh allows your family to explore a variety of exciting experiences and fun activities. Marsa Matrouh offers activities for every part of the family, which is also why the area qualifies as a perfect location for a sunny holiday with children. The beautiful, white, sandy beaches with delicious blue water and the vibrant city life make tourists return throughout most seasons of the year. In a rented accommodation in Marsa Matrouh, you are surrounded by outstanding historical attractions. For example, we strongly recommend you to explore the remains of a cave system where the German General Rommel had his hiding place during World War II. Visit the exciting museum inside the caves where some of Rommel's belongings are exhibited. Another must-see is Cleopatras Beach, a beautiful sandy beach located on a tangle outside the harbor of Marsa Matrouh. When the family needs a break from the beach, the pool or from the city life, spend a day trip to the lovely Siwa Oasis. Here, in the middle of the great desert, you will find a small oasis hiding attractions such as Cleopatra's Spring, the Oracle's Amuns and Gabal-Al-Mawta ruins are hidden as the hidden gem of the desert. Here at NOVASOL's website you can get an overview of our many lovely holiday homes and holiday apartments in Marsa Matrouh. You will find many holiday apartments with pool attached and holiday homes located on or with easy access to the beach. Sounds like a vacation in Marsa Matrouh - authentic Egypt, something like you? So book your holiday home or apartment in Marsa Matrouh already today.