Holiday Homes in Egypt

Holiday Homes in Egypt - Beachfront Dream Vacation with Adventures in the Desert

Spend your next holiday in Egypt with the whole family, enjoying warm sun rays from a sun lounger on stunning beaches. To many holidaymakers, vacation in Egypt implies exploring the magnificent pyramids, the Nile and the prehistoric temples. However, Egypt has much more to offer. It is a country of great hospitality and culinary arts, where relaxation is often the top priority. From your rented holiday home in Egypt you will have an ample opportunity to relax and enjoy life, but there are also rich opportunities for exciting activities; Go snorkeling, go desert sightseeing on camels or explore the amazing sights of the 9 Pyramids in Giza, the Sphinx, The Sinai Mountains, the Valley of the Kings and not least the Red Sea. With NOVASOL you can rent a holiday apartment or a holiday home in Egypt that perfectly suits your family's needs. You choose whether the holiday home offers a fantastic ocean view, private pool and much more.

Popular holiday destinations in Egypt

To many of our guests, the always sunny country of Egypt qualifies as one of the most beautiful destinations on earth, offering outstanding nature as well as historical attractions. NOVASOL offers everything from holiday apartments with sea views to beautiful villas with private pool. Explore one of the many popular holiday destinations, to which thousands of tourists travel each year, or choose for a less well-known area for more privacy and pure relaxation. Please see a rough overview of our most popular holiday destinations in Egypt:

• Hurghada - Located by the beautiful Red Sea

• Sharm El Sheikh - Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula

• Marsa Matruh - A beautiful fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt

• Marsa Alam - An amazing resort town by the Red Sea in southern Egypt

Why rent a NOVASOL holiday apartment or holiday villa in Egypt?

Egypt is a fantastic sunshine-destination where tourists from all over the world each year enjoy the many amazing Red Sea beaches. Vacationing in Egypt has become more and more popular in recent years because just here, holidaymakers really get value for money; Beautiful scenery, luxurious surroundings, white sandy beaches and outstanding sights. The Egyptian Mediterranean coast is one of the areas that still gain more interest. Just here, you’ll have much more than a cheap holiday with sun and sea views. From one of NOVASOL's Mediterranean accommodations, you can experience authentic Egypt, offering an ocean of prehistoric cultural treasures. The city of Alexandria is one of many exciting cities, which are indeed worth a visit. Also you would not want to miss out visiting some of the smaller villages among your holiday home. Here the family can explore markets, museums, exciting restaurants as well as the cozy and hospitable local culture. With a NOVASOL holiday home or apartment in Egypt, you get the best of two worlds: Individual freedom in private surroundings combined with extraordinary opportunities to explore Egypt's culture and many impressing, historical attractions.

NOVASOL servicing you on your Egypt holiday

When renting a NOVASOL holiday home in Egypt, all you need to focus on is to relax and enjoy your vacation! Our NOVASOL service partners will be on duty 24 hours a day, to assist you with virtually anything between heaven and earth. NOVASOL has developed a "Service and Safety Guarantee", in order to ensure the highest quality of an Egyptian dream vacation for all our guests:

• All villas, holiday homes and apartments in Egypt have been inspected and categorized by our local service partners.

• We recommend you to order our Welcome & Transfer Service, to have our colleagues in Egypt pick you up at the airport and bring you directly to your holiday home.

• Our service is available at the destination and our staff can accommodate most language preferences.

• Our colleagues are available to help you with anything, 24 hours a day.

• Excursions to exciting must-see attractions can be booked before or during your holiday in Egypt, at a favorable price.

• You will not be transported in large buses, but instead, in vehicles fitting your travel group size.

• You can book your transfer from the airport to the holiday home up to 24 hours before arrival, without any booking fee.

Vacation in Egypt - more than just beach holiday by the sea

There are lots of good reasons why Egypt is an incredibly popular holiday destination. The many beautiful sandy beaches along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean speak for themselves, but a holiday in Egypt has much more to offer to the whole family. Egypt guarantees sunshine and comfortable temperatures all year round. While it's cold and wet in other parts of the world, people go to Egypt for many hours of sunshine and a temperature that rarely reaches below 22 degrees C. a day. Apart from the outstanding climate, Egypt has a myriad of beautiful coves, where the conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving are unique. In addition, the country offers unique nature and a number of prehistoric wonders, just waiting to be explored!

Historic treasures around your holiday home in Egypt

The River Nile reaches Egypt a few kilometers north of the Sudanese city, Wadi Halfa, and serves as a life-giving snake all the way up through the country where it opens into the Mediterranean, forming the beautiful Nile Delta. During your vacation in Egypt you should visit the beautiful River Nile, which is the world's 2nd longest river. By the Nile you will find lots of great sights and attractions - For centuries, the waters of the Nile have given birth to crops while serving as Egypt's main pulses of trade, which has created civilization along large parts of the banks of the river. Highly atypically, the River Nile's water runs north, which has given southern Egypt, around the Sinai desert, the nickname "Upper Egypt". This part of the country is where you will find one of the world's most beautiful collections of prehistoric temples, graves and magnificent palaces, built more than 4.000 years ago – an authentic witness of the long and turbulent history of Egypt.

Impressive desert landscapes of Egypt

Sand with dunes of more sand… Great desert areas make up most of Egypt. You will never be far away from a camel ride around the desert, where you will pass through pleasant villages and see prehistoric monuments and magnificent mountains. On your way through the desert you can be lucky to meet nomadic Bedouins, who still today live a hard life in the desert. Do not miss a desert sunset that would be extraordinarily beautiful. Some of the major sights you can experience on your vacation in Egypt are the prehistoric pyramids in Giza, The Sphix, the Valley of the Kings, where several great pharaohs are buried, the Abu Simbel Temple and the Karnak Temple in Luxor. Close to NOVASOL's holiday apartments and holiday homes in Egypt you will havea wealth of activities such as snorkeling, ATV tours in the desert, windsurfing, boat trips, climbing and much more. Book your holiday home in Egypt today and look forward to your vacation in this paradise.

The Mediterranean and The Red Sea - bathing and diving trips in Egypt

Two beautiful oceans surround Egypt. One is the Red Sea, offering amazing sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs, which have attracted divers and bathing tourists for decades. By the popular seaside resorts of Hurghada and the smaller tourist cities of Port Safaga, El Quseir and Marsa Alam, all located in southern Egypt, you will find a wide array of exciting holiday activities. Enjoy one of the 18 hole golf courses, private beaches, outdoor cinemas or taste the wide range of Egyptian culinary delights.
The other ocean is the Mediterranean sea that encapsulates northern Egypt. In recent years this area has developed into a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family, where cheap prices give you value for money. Northern Egypt also offers a number of beautiful beaches where the locals, especially natives from Cairo, like to spend their vacation. Book a holiday apartment for the whole family at one of the exclusive Egyptian resorts like El-Alamein or Marsa Matruh, and look forward to an unforgettable holiday with NOVASOL.