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Explore the many experiences that are awaiting you when you choose to spend your next holiday in our self-catering holiday homes in Vlore Riviera in Albania. By renting a holiday home in Albania you are in the middle of a warmly temperate climate, with an average temperature of about 30 degrees in the summer months. In the beautiful harbor town of Vlore, the center of Vlore Riviera, you have the opportunity to have a beach holiday and a city break at the same time. With a port to the Adriatic Sea you have both access to the city, harbor and beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. The port city of Vlore is the second largest port city in Albania, and it can certainly be felt when you arrive in the city. Vlore's focal point is the beautiful harbor, where roads from both the northern, southern and eastern part of the country meet. From the harbor, Vlore's visitors can go shopping, go to the beach, have a lunch or skip across on the ferry to Italy's eastern port towns. With a holiday home in Vlore Riviera there is something to do for the whole family.

Vlore Riviera

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Protected by the mountain range Karaburun and the little island of Sazan lies the beautiful city of Vlore, which impresses its visitors time after time. The city is the gateway to the very popular Albanian Riviera, which is about a mile and a half drive to the south. Use your first holiday day in the Albanian resort town to walk the wide boulevard with palm trees on either side. On the walk you can enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape to the east. On this street you will also find various shops and restaurants where you can sample some of the traditional Albanian cuisine. Take your beach bag with swimwear and try one of the beaches out to the Adriatic Sea. In particular, Vlore Bay is the deepest, longest and most beautiful beach on the Albanian coast. The twelve miles long beach impresses with both child-friendly sandy beaches and pebble beaches for you who love crystal clear blue waters. The beautiful city's past has not always been a bed of roses, Albania has been taken over and ruled by various powers in Europe. This has put a significant mark on the Albanian culture and architecture that is still seen when visiting the city today.

Explore nature around your holiday homes in Vlore Riviera

Here you will be greeted with magnificent scenery, where green trees, cliffs and a clear Adriatic Sea provide a framework for unique natural experiences. Head north from your holiday home in Vlore Riviera to the village of Zvernec. Follow the road through the green slightly hilly landscape to the water. Here you will come to a footbridge, which will lead you to the island Zvernec, located in the Narta Lagoon. The island is covered with pine trees and is a major tourist attraction and provides a great insight into the Albanian history as it houses the conserved Byzantine Zvernec monastery from the 13th century.

Thigs to do from your Vlore Riviera accommodation

After a visit to the island of Zvernec take the time to discover the nature of the Narta Lagoon, which has a unique flora and fauna that you do not see in other places in Europe. The lagoon is especially known for their biodiversity and production of salt and wine. On your excursions in nature, it is highly recommended to pack some swimwear, as you never know when you will pass a truly wonderful Albanian beaches. During your stay in our holiday accommodation in Albania’s Vlore Riviera, it is a must to visit its most beautiful sight, Kuzum Baba, which is also the town’s highest point. On the naturally-produced terrace you have a view of the whole of the town of Vlore as well as the surrounding countryside, including Vlore Bay. The place is named after the spiritual leader of Bektashi, Kuzum Baba, who was supposed to be buried here.

Rent a holiday home in Albania’s first independent town

History enthusiastic or not, on your vacation in Vlore Riviera, you cannot escape the many monumental buildings and ancient ruins of castles. Vlore's very popular building is Muradie Mosque, an Albanian culture monument built in 1537 under the Turkish regime. The mosque is particularly unique, as it is the same architect who has constructed the magnificent mosque of Istanbul. Why not hop on a bike during your stay in your chosen Albania accommodation and head 380 meters above sea level to Kanina Castle, located on the side of the Shushica mountain. It is said that the castle should have been built on the basis of all five nations - the Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, Byzantines and Ottomans.

Vlore was the first city in Albania to achieve independence, which has put a historic stamp on the city. Therefore, use one of your holiday days on the Museum of Independence, which paints a vivid picture of Albanians’ hard struggle for freedom and independence, which ended in 1912. On your city walk it will be obvious to go past the memorial to independence, representing the leader of the Albanian National Movement and founding member of an independent Albania, Ismail Qemali. When you rent a holiday home in Albania, the country's history will fill the street scene in many of the city's cities and is one of the things that makes the country so interesting to visit.

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