Arriving on a Saturday will increase the number of available properties

FAQ - Tropical Islands Resort

What types of holiday rentals can be found in the NOVASOL Tropical Islands Resort?

At the moment, three different types of holiday rentals are available, suitable from 4 to 8 people. Additional house types are planned.

Will I be assigned to a certain holiday rental after I have decided on the type of cottage?

No. With NOVASOL, you have the possibility to choose which cottage suits you best. Every singe holiday cottage has a certain number. Find our site plan with all the houses here:

Map of the Tropical Islands holiday house village

Which attractions in the Tropical Islands Dome are included in the rental price?

When booking a house in the NOVASOL Tropical Islands Resort, you get free entrance to the swimming pools and adventure areas, such as

  • the two swimming pools “Bali lagoon” and “South Seas” with its sandy beaches
  • Europe’s largest indoor rainforest
  • The Tropical Village with shops and restaurants and all day shows.

Additional amenities like the wellness area with sauna and massages, the kid’s club and slide tower are paid for on site.

Who get free entrance to the Tropical Island Dome?

All registered guests of holiday rentals in the NOVASOL Tropical Islands resort enjoy free admission to the Tropical Islands Dome. The maximum number of guests for each house is not to be exceeded.

Are we guaranteed admission to the Tropical Islands Dome?

Even though you get free admission to the Dome anytime during your stay, it may reach its capacity, especially during bank holiday weekends or due to special events, such as the gala on New Year’s Eve. However, we do guarantee admission to the Tropical Island Dome for at least one day of your stay.

You even have free access to the Tropical Islands Dome on the day of arrival, before you have checked. You can collect your entrance band for the Dome from the NOVASOL reception from 11am. The swimming pools are open 24 hours.

At your day of departure, you have to return both your house key and your entrance band to the NOVASOL reception by 10am.

Which week days can I arrive?

Any day of the year

What is the minimum stay?

You can stay for two nights or more.

How about the breakage deposit, and costs for the use of energy in the holiday rental?

The costs for energy (electricity and gas) and water are not included in the rental price. To ensure that you will only be charged for the amount that you have used, the meter will be read on your day of arrival and of departure.

The deposit is Euro 200 and serves as a security for possible damage to the property. Furthermore, the costs for energy will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount will be refunded to your account within three weeks after your departure.

Do I have to clean the house before I leave?

No, the final cleaning is already included in the rental price. Please just return all furniture to its place, empty the dishwasher, put the garbage in the recycling station and remove the ashes from the barbecue and stove.

How do you calculate the price for short-term stays?

The price is based on the day of arrival and length of your stay. The cheapest stays are short breaks between Sunday and Thursday or bookings of a week or longer. Our website automatically displays the correct price for the exact period you chose.

A short overview of the calculation:

Stay for 2 nights:

  • Arrival on Fri: 45% of week price
  • Arrival on Sat: 40% of week price
  • Arrival on Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu: 30% of week price

Stay for 3 nights:

  • Arrival on Thu/Fri: 55% of week price
  • Arrival on Sat: 47% of week price
  • Arrival on Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu: 45% of week price

Stay for 4 nights:

  • Arrival on Thu/Fri: 65% of week price
  • Arrival on Sat / Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu: 60% of week price

Stay for 5 nights:

  • Arrival on Thu / Fri / Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed: 75% of week price

Download: Pricelist of the holiday house village Tropical Islands