Arriving on a Saturday will increase the number of available properties

Quality Garden Furniture

Holiday rentals with this symbol indicate that you can enjoy many hours of quality time around the table or beautiful moments in the outdoors

These holiday rentals are equipped with garden furniture of a high quality, which makes the summer spent on the terrace, balcony or under the open sky particularly attractive.

  • The garden furniture in the properties are new and of high quality, made of rattan, wood, iron or high quality plastic. If the furniture is made of plastic or iron, you will usually find cushions of high quality.
  • The number of chairs will as a minimum be equivalent to the maximum number of people, who can stay in the holiday rental.
  • The properties will also be provided with sun loungers according to the size of the house (sun loungers are not found in houses in Norway and Sweden though)

- House for 2-5 people: 2 sun loungers

- House for 6-7 people: 3 sun loungers

- House for 8-9 people: 4 sun loungers

- Houses from 10 people: 5-6 sun loungers

  • The holiday rental usually also have a barbecue and at least one parasol for each garden table.