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Northern Lights

If you book a NOVASOL holiday home north of the Arctic Circle (66 N), there is a good chance that you will experience the natural phenomena called Northern Lights during winter or the Midnight Sun during summer. Our holiday rentals in Scandinavia are located in great areas, so you can enjoy the Northern Lights without any obscuring lights.

The Northern Lights are a truly amazing phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over the world. They are most visible between late autumn and early spring, with October, February and March historically being the very best months to experience the bright, dancing lights. Book a cabin in Northern Norway and enjoy the Northern Lights in a peaceful surrounding under a wonderful, bright sky.

North of the Arctic Circle, you will never see a sunset during the summer months. The 24 hour daylight called Midnight Sun will give you even more time to enjoy and explore the beautiful scenery of Northern Scandinavia. The Midnight Sun is most visible at the very north of Norway. If you stay in one of our holiday homes north of the Arctic Circle between May and July you can experience this bright phenomenon.