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Environment conscious vacation – Energy Saving Cottage

Energy Saving Cottages

The amount of environment conscious consumers is growing and this also applies for the NOVASOL cottage owners.

This is why we now can present a series of holiday cottages, which especially are environment conscious and/or energy saving.

The sun gives light, heat and energy. Many cottages use the sun energy to produce electricity and to warm up the house. This is an advantage for the renters since the energy costs will be low, because you can’t put tax on suns beams!

The holiday cottages are built so they are either brand new energy saving cottages or rebuilt in such a way that the energy saving equipment is new. It is a development that NOVASOL both welcomes and supports.

Energy Saving Cottages

As the name Energy Saving Cottage implies, it gives our guests the conditions to keep energy consumption down. It is also often simple rules and consideration that decides if the electric meter is speeding or not! The energy expenses in an Energy Saving Cottage will under all circumstances differ from a normal cottage’s expense. It can pay keep an eye out for an Energy Saving Cottage – here lies the holiday cottage of today and even more of the future!