Arriving on a Saturday will increase the number of available properties

NOVASOLs child-friendly holiday homes


…with these facilities that all are included in the rent:

  • Swing
  • Sandbox (the sand is changed every spring)
  • High chair
  • Crib
  • A minimum of three toys or playing equipment (handcart, football goal, Play-Station etc.)

... but it means so much for families with children.


A summerhouse is the perfect frame for a good vacation for the entire family. When you in addition can have an especially child-friendly house, then nothing stands in the way for a relaxing vacation with time to be close and together.

The house typically has s cosy living room, where everyone is gathered for playing games, talking and eating. The kids’ bedrooms are often equipped with the popular bunk beds, where the kids love to lie and slumber after a long day full of experience and fun. There they can remotely hear the sound of well known voices from the living room. It gives peace of mind before they fall asleep.


Parents can enjoy quick access to their own kitchen, when warming milk or making gruel. Anyone, who has stayed at a hotel with children, knows the trouble in asking the staff to boil the feeding bottle, before using it again. When the kids are in a hot chocolate mood you won’t have to get them properly dressed, take the elevator to the restaurant or walk hundreds of yards to a café. The family won’t miss helpful appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine. As time goes, a large number of our houses have been equipped with all white goods.

NOVASOL has taken a step towards helping child families finding the right house. We have categorized a line of houses as “child-friendly” and gives you less to think about or to bring.