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Berth in Croatia with own boat

Sailing in Croatian waters is a special attraction where wonderful day trips become the centre of the holiday. Along the coast of Croatia you will find a lot of yacht harbours, but also peaceful bays that only can be reached by boat. The seawater by the Croatian coast belongs to the Mediterranean’s cleanest and assists in making the area look like a paradise for i.e. divers.


When sailing, you should notice the small taverns where the fishers and peasants have opened small restaurants. You should under all circumstances go on a boat trip, if the holiday goes to Croatia, where the sea and islands offers so many adventures whether you bring your own boat or sail in some one else’s.


People with interest in sail sports have ideal conditions to bring their own boat (boat length max. 5 metres) to our Croatian holiday cottages:

Holiday cottages with the blue symbol offer a free berth. (Boat length max. 5 metres)

Holiday cottages with the red symbol offer a berth for EUR 5 pr. day. (Boat length max. 5 metres)