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"Back to Nature" holiday rentals

In Norway and Sweden, we have selected a selection of 'Back to Nature' holiday rentals, that has a pure feeling of nature, which are particular appealing for people who are environmentally conscious. With these properties, we follow the path straight back to nature. You can call it our "Bioprodukt" which among other is different due to a particular low consumption of energy. Many houses in Norway and Sweden already use less electricity, because most of their energy comes from hydropower.

"Scandinavian Green" holiday rental?

At least 3 of the following criteria must be met before a house can be called "Back to Nature":

  • Holiday rentals with low energy consumption through mountainous, land or air pumps. In addition, other energy saving measures such. solar panels.
  • Holiday rentals with a fireplace or kamin.
  • Well insulated house of natural wood.
  • Holiday rentals in areas with wild berries, mushrooms and fishing water.
  • "Green" homes, which are are self-sufficient, and not connected to the public power or water network.
  • Holiday rentals with private wells .